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The SKN Tuning Audi S6 With 560 HP and COR Rims

The fastest and most powerful model in the Audi A6 lineup has always been the RS 6 sedan/avant. Its engine is the most powerful, its chassis is tuned for performance, and its design is exclusive to set it apart from the rest of the A6 model line. The Audi S6 model is the other performance model in the Audi A6 lineup, but it is often looked over due to its RS 6 sibling, even though it is available in more markets worldwide. Some owners, and the engineering team at SKN Tuning in Germany, aren’t going to let the Audi RS 6 rule the roost for much longer. The team has designed, developed, and thoroughly tested the components to ensure maximum quality, durability, and safety. The new Audi S6 by SKN Tuning benefits from a tuned engine in Stage 1 or Stage 3, a new set of COR Rims, a modified chassis, and aerodynamic body work.

Just like its more powerful RS 6 sibling, the Audi S6 uses a 4.0 TFSI twin turbocharged V-8 engine to thrust forward. The twin turbocharged engine is less powerful in the S6 model; however it is still packed with a great deal of untapped potential. To rectify this, the team at SKN Tuning developed a range up upgrades in two different stages to boost the overall output of the engine. Stage one of the upgrade program sends 399 kW and 687 Nm of torque to all four of the COR Rims through the Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system thanks to a new software tune that alters the fuel injection, ignition timing, and boost pressure created by both turbochargers. The Stage 3 package includes the aforementioned software tune along with a special stainless steel turbo-back exhaust system with new catalytic converters, mufflers, and end pipes to reduce backpressure. A new air intake system with less resistance is also standard in the Stage 3 package and helps the engine send a total of 412 kW and 701 Nm of torque to all four COR Rims for better acceleration and top speed figures.

In order to handle the higher top speed figures, changes had to be made to the body work to ensure that downforce could be generated for greater stability. This was achieved with a new front bumper with larger air inlets and a grille with better airflow to cool the engine and intercooler properly. A pair of side skirts calms the airflow around the wheels and a new bumper with integrated diffuser and spoiler help generate downforce at the rear axle.

Much of the chassis was also upgraded to improve handling dynamics and create a wider footprint. The standard wheels were replaced with larger COR Rims in a 10.5 x 20 front and rear setup with high-performance Michelin sport tires. The suspension was upgraded with a new SKN Tuning module that lowers ride height by 40 mm for an optimum center of gravity.

All of the components on the SKN Tuning Audi S6 are available for purchase through the German company.