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New York’s New Catalytic Converter Laws

For those of you living in the glorious State of New York there is a new law about catalytic converters that came into play on January 1st, 2014. I would highly suggest that you pay attention if you live in New York because the fines can range from $500 for the first offense to $26,000 for each subsequent violation. Section 177 of the federal clean air act (42 USC &7507) gives each state the right to adopt California’s low emission vehicle (LEV) program standards in their own state. New York has decided to do just that. This isn’t a very hard to understand program but it has certain aspects that make it complicated. This applies to all vehicles made since 1993 except 1995 models. So; if your car was made in 1993, 1994, 1996 or anytime thereafter then this applies to you. The basic gist of this new law states that you can no longer install or sell used catalytic converters on any vehicle licensed in the state of New York. Also, new ones must be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or new AMCC’s certified as meeting CARB standards. This applies to all makes and models of vehicles that are “50 State” certified via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or CARB certified. This does not apply to vehicles older than 1993 or vehicles from 1995.

The new New York catalytic converters for CARB and 50 State EPA certified vehicles must display 2 certification stamps or laser etchings on opposite sides of the catalytic converter or heat shield. Each stamp or etching must show the CARB Executive Order approval number, part number, date of manufacture, and proper installation direction. You should also check the vehicle for the AMCC Emissions Certification Markings. Your vehicle’s emissions certification information is located on the Vehicle Emissions Certification Information (VECI) label which can be found in the vehicle’s engine compartment. The engine family and emissions certification will be used to discover which AMCCs may legally be installed on your particular vehicle. There are three common places that you will find the VECI, they are the radiator support, the strut tower plate and the hood.

Due to the new law it is now illegal to sell, offer to sell, install or advertise used or recycled NY catalytic converters for any vehicle made in 1993, 1994, 1996 or any year afterwards. You are still allowed to use salvaged catalytic converters on vehicles manufactured before 1993 and you are still allowed to sell your used catalytic converter for salvage on any vehicle. Installers of new CARB certified AMCCs must fill out a warranty card in triplicate. The original warranty card must go to the customer, then one copy goers to the installer, and the last copy goes to the manufacturer of the converter. Installers of the new CARB certified AMCCs also must keep a copy on file for four years. Due to the steep fines it is best to abide by the new regulations whether you are the consumer or the retailer.