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Summer Car Care Tips

Summer is the time when we all love to pack up and go on long drives for picnics. We may go with our friends, family or even all by ourselves but we just cannot fight the urge to travel by car when the mercury rises. It helps to follow some special summer car care tips if you want to travel over long distances in the car. Some tips are listed below:

o Tires – You get to hear a lot about the importance of maintaining the tires properly. Bad quality tires can pull down the performance of the car. With the asphalt burning in the heat, the tires bear the brunt of the high temperatures. Hence, you have to make sure your tires are in good condition. Apart of the quality of the tires, you have to make sure you do not over inflate or under inflate it.

o Cooling System – Your car can quickly turn into an oven if the cooling system is not working fine. You have to make sure that the engine as well as the occupants of the car is protected from the heat. This involves checking loose connections, proper circulation of coolant and lubricating oil in the engine and the air conditioner. This will ensure your air conditioner does not break down in the middle of the trip.

o Fluid Levels – Make sure all level of all fluids in the car have been checked and have been found to be proper. This includes checking engine oil, radiator and transmission fluid and brake fluid.