A Guide to Facebook Advertising

With Facebook advertising you have ways to reach the highly targeted type of users that can be the potential buyers of whatever you offer. This is the big advantage in this advertising scheme, the highly accurate laser targeting of potential buyers through the users’ demographics stored in the social site’s database.Facebook advertising can be through a pay per click (CPC) method or the pay per thousand impressions (CPM) type depending on your objectives. If your objective is to lead users to your update page, business page or whatever page destination you want then you can opt for CPC but if this is for branding purposes or have as many users to see your ads and reinforce your brand then the CPM is the better option.Thus, before you start your ad campaign with this social networking site you have to clearly define your objectives. Your ad expense will be based on these objectives as different costs are involved with the different options and you need only to stick to one method based on these goals.After setting objectives you can then start creating ads that fit your objectives. Ad copy should be created in a way that it should have the spirit of socialization and in a somewhat conversational tone, or ads accompanied by images can have possibilities of performing better than those with texts only.After creating your ad copy you can then choose the user’s demographics that you want your laser targeting objectives can bring you, like your choice of gender, age, or likes and interests. With this very unique advertising platform you can target precisely the market segment that you want, and you can note that this is entirely different from the other networks advertising scheme.With your ads already set up you can then opt for a landing page that fits your objectives and also within the guidelines of Facebook. You can lead your highly targeted users to your fan page, business page or update page.Set an advertising budget after you have created the ad copy and landing page that you want to lead your users to and bid the CPC or CPM based on the suggested bid range. A good bid price which can be better for your campaign is bid lower than the lowest in the suggested bid range and still you can have chances of your ads being launched.And to make your advertising campaign with this social networking site attain the success you desired you have to test your ads if the results are within your objectives. You can use a software tool that can make effective tracking of results that your ads are giving and based on these data you can adopt changes in the ad copy or other refinements that you can think of.